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Managing Recycling Systems

Managing Recycling Systems eCourse

Design and Develop a Sustainable Recycling Program

This course focuses on recycling materials found in municipal solid waste (MSW) generated from residential, commercial, and institutional sources, not including hazardous wastes, household hazardous wastes, or special wastes. The course provides information on successfully planning, developing, marketing, and managing recycling programs. Managing Recycling Systems also addresses collection, processing, application of end-use standards, and protection of human health and the environment.

Who Should Attend

Facility owners, operators, manufacturers, managers, supervisors, and employees involved in the daily operation of a recycling facility or program.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Describe the elements associated with designing and developing a sustainable recycling program
  • Determine acceptable material quality and requirements for existing and emerging markets
  • Apply quality requirements and regulatory standards of a “Buy Recycled” program
  • Identify program costs and revenues required to develop a funding
  • Establish and manage contracts for recycling services
  • Select the appropriate tools for recyclable collection
  • Plan an education and outreach program

Course Content

The course consists of lectures, class activities, exercises, and a facility tour (when available in proximity to the class location) to see theory in everyday practice. The text for the course, Managing Recycling Systems, is a comprehensive manual that details the following topics with supplemental images, graphs, examples, and exercises. It serves as a must-have on-the-job reference tool.

  • Planning a Recycling Program
  • Funding a Recycling Program
  • Developing and Researching Recycling Markets
  • Collection and Processing of Recyclable Materials
  • Planning an Education and Outreach Program
  • Establishing and Managing Contracts for Recycling
  • Applying End-User Standards and Quality Requirements for Recycled Products
  • Managing Recycling Programs to Protect Human Health and the Environment

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