Training & Certification

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

SWANA strongly advocates lifelong learning as part of a member's personal and professional growth, and requires all those that are certified to obtain 30 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) in order to maintain certification. You can advance in your career by updating and expanding your job knowledge and seeking advanced training.

SWANA offers a variety of educational opportunities for its members. Explore our array of offerings for industry professionals to empower, educate, and excite you and your career!

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How to Earn CEUs

  1. Attend a Webinar – Many webinars are free to members, and they often award CEU credit. Notice will be given on the webinar registration page.
  2. Online Courses  – SWANA offers a variety of online courses as a way to receive top industry training without ever leaving the office.
  3. Training@Work – Do it yourself or SWANA faculty-led training options provide you with unique opportunity to bring SWANA training to the workplace
  4. SWANApalooza 2020 Keynotes – Learn from technical sessions presented by leaders in solid waste industry

CEUs earned vary dependent on the training options. Check your certification status here.

How to Receive CEUs for a Non-SWANA Event

  1. Send an email to The email should contain the following information: A program/agenda with a detailed description and timetable of the sessions attended, date(s) and location (city, state), and proof of attendance.
  2. If the event is a course or class please provide: The course text, syllabus, timeline and proof of attendance for review.
  3. The SWANA Certification staff will review the supplied information to determine the applicability to the discipline’s body of knowledge.
  4. SWANA reserves the right to determine the number (if any) of CEUs allocated for a non-SWANA event.