Rebranding SWANA

March 26, 2020

With New Energy, Excitement, and Value

As the solid waste industry and renewable energy marketplaces evolve, so should SWANA.

Solid waste today has become a valuable resource, with opportunities, news, and new energy within it. Globally, there is heightened focus on products which are designed to be re-used or recycled. As well, there is new technology and new passion for responsibly managing waste that is generated. Emerging knowledge and skills allow us all to minimize the effect on the environment and maximize recovery of the resources to create valuable products.

SWANA works at the heart of this shift, in its membership, macro thinking, and practical application. We are known for educating the industry through training, certification, and research. We advocate with a shared voice to support responsible and practical environmental initiatives. SWANA and its members serve as content experts, educators, and advisors in collaborative solid waste efforts. We are working side-by-side with members, companies, and governments to promote balanced and credible approaches to managing solid waste resources.

It's time to reflect this forward momentum in the organization's graphic identity and public persona.

Our new W is a constant reminder that SWANA is continuing to work towards waste as a resource for everyone. The "W" for Waste becomes a strategic statement, using negative space to represent the three key pillars of clean waste, solid waste as a resource, and community.

The shape delivers a unique, bold asset to SWANA’s brand. Energy transition, evolution, and movement are now built into type and color. The new brand is synonymous with SWANA’s ultimate goal of advancing from solid waste management to resource management through their shared emphasis on education, advocacy, and research.

Our technologies are innovative, exciting, and ever more critical. Company leaders, industry partners, and the workforce are skewing ever younger, more accomplished and more entrepreneurial—as is SWANA’s membership. Our new vivid logo helps us tell our story as we continue to grow and attract new SWANA members and partners. Making sure SWANA’s brand values, positioning, promise, and personality all support the new, modern logo, and visual identity is key to a successful new brand.  

It's time to present SWANA in a bright and deserved new spotlight and embrace this change!