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International Opportunities

SWANA often receives information about proposed solid waste projects and opportunities in foreign countries. This information often comes from US government agencies.

Trade Leads and Market Intelligence


The US Department of Commerce is focusing additional resources to waste management opportunities in Brazil, and in January 2023 published the following article: “Brazil’s Solid Waste Plan unlocks investments and opportunities for US private sector participation”. In addition, SWANA is having conversations with US Department of Commerce and others about providing landfill training in Brazil in late 2023.


As Barbados continues to work towards our 2030 100% Renewable Energy Generation goal, BNOCL is aiming to transition toward cleaner fuels in the transport and electricity generation sectors. As such, Barbados National Oil Company Limited (BNOCL) is seeking to procure the following:

  1. 100,000 gallons of Biodiesel (B100) in the first instance: for a 3–6 month cross-sector Biodiesel Pilot Study.
  2. After the pilot study, BNOCL will need to procure approximately 170,000 gallons of Biodiesel (B100) per month for use in Barbados.

Kindly indicate if an ex-factory, freight on board (FOB) or cost, insurance and freight (CIF) supply of these amounts can be obtained from a US Biodiesel Supplier.


Private firm in Malaysia is seeking to source US manufactured machines to shred/grind used shoes for recycling into building materials.