SWANA Announces Wastecon 2010 Lawrence Lecturer

The Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) has selected Walter R. Niessen, President of Niessen Consultants, as the Lawrence Lecturer for WASTECON® 2010 in Boston, Mass.

Mr. Niessen, a chemical engineer with over 50 years of experience in combustion and air pollution control began his career at ADL, BBN, and Weston leading to 22 years at CDM in Cambridge as a Senior Vice President. Mr. Niessen has written a book, Combustion and Incineration Process, Applications in Environmental Engineering and over 95 papers and chapters in eight other texts. His venue includes work in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, the Caribbean, Africa and Europe. He is a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Air and Waste Management Association, and American Institute of Chemical Engineers and is a Professional Engineer and Board Certified by the America Association of Environmental Engineers.

Mr. Niessen’s presentation, titled Just Listen, draws on his years of experience in municipal solid waste to address the challenges that communities face when selecting emerging technologies, particularly in today’s changing climate. The presentation aims to guide thoughtful system development, suggest questions and methods for process assessment, and, ultimately, help the cities and counties considering such systems to make better decisions.

Mr. Niessen will be presenting on August 16 at WASTECON® 2010 in Boston. The event will be colocated for the first time in 2010 with the American Public Works Association’s Congress and Exposition in Boston on August 15-17, 2010. For more information about WASTECON® 2010, please visit

About the Lawrence Lecturer Award:

The Lawrence Lecturer award was created in 1984 in honor of Robert L. Lawrence, a driving force in the early development of SWANA. The award recognizes national/international leaders and experts in the field of solid waste management or another segment of the field of environmental protection. Nominations for the award are submitted by SWANA Chapters or individual members and approved by the Executive Committee of SWANA. The Lawrence Lecturer is presented annually at WASTECON®, SWANA’s annual conference and exhibition.


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