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SWANA Caribbean Hurricane Preparedness Plan

Hurricane approaching Caribbean beach

The SWANA Caribbean-Puerto Rico Chapter is located in one of the most hazard-prove regions of the world. The impacts of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, the 2020 earthquakes, and the COVID-19 pandemic continually affect solid waste management infrastructure and disaster debris management operations in this region. SWANA encourages all chapters to develop facility emergency action plans to improve overall solid waste safety.

Facility Emergency Action Plans

72 Hours

  • Emergency contact information is current.
  • If applicable, verify that all erosion and sediment control devices are in place and meet adequate standards.
  • Verify that all storage and office trailers are correctly tied down.
  • Confirm all pumps and generators are in working order.

48 Hours

  • Begin banding loose materials and storing any material with the potential of being damaged or becoming airborne indoors.
  • Review site drainage patterns and ensure relocation of materials.
  • Remove screening on fences.
  • Back up any digital files; move physical files to a safe, dry area.

24 Hours

  • Document the status of the facility with pictures for insurance purposes.
  • Secure all windows.
  • Tie netting on all trash containers that are not empty.

12 Hours

  • Turn off water, power, and gas at source.
  • Take any additional pictures considered relevant.
  • Evacuate site.

Developed by Ing. Hanna Rodriguez-Morales, SC, Safety Ambassador for SWANA Caribbean-PR Chapter.