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Novice or veteran solid waste professional, achieve the goals you set for yourself with SWANA Training and Certification. Need help working smarter, incorporating best practices and new technologies, managing and leading better? SWANA can help.

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Have room to improve or learn something new? Our first-class training in core disciplines of the solid waste industry equips you with the tools, knowledge, and insight you need to ensure your operations and team members work efficiently and safely. We help you build a strong skill set of abilities, qualities, and experiences you can apply to perform better, become an expert in a certain topic, and progress in your career.

Spending time on improving your skills can help you achieve personal career goals, such as earning a promotion, improving your stature as a solid waste professional, and expanding your job opportunities in the industry.

Learn how you like to learn, at your pace, at your convenience. SWANA offers its first-class training through a variety of ways—international conferences, regional training centers, Chapter events, a Training@Work program—and in various formats, including in-person training, live and recorded webinars, and OnDemand courses.

Well-trained teams provide organizations a competitive edge, minimize risks by following best practices, are more creative and motivated. Count on SWANA to help you strengthen your team.

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Gain a competitive advantage. Distinguish yourself among your peers and in the industry through SWANA Certification. Recognized by several states as the standard for solid waste professionals, SWANA Certification identifies you as an asset within the industry and as a leader among your peers.

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Zero Waste Principles & Practices

Mar 13, 2020, 17:57 PM
Title : Zero Waste Principles & Practices
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Professionals who take this new Zero Waste Principles & Practices certification course will have the ability to integrate their understanding of Zero Waste with their existing waste management systems, practices and policies to move local systems toward locally-defined Zero Waste goals.

The Zero Waste Principles & Practices certification course is a joint undertaking of SWANA and the California Resource Recovery Association. CRRA is dedicated to achieving environmental sustainability in and beyond California through Zero Waste strategies. SWANA, with its work in 45 chapters across the United States and Canada, is committed to educating professionals working in the industry and to moving the industry as a whole from a focus on solid waste management to resource management.

Content and Approach

The Zero Waste Principles & Practices course encompasses a broad overview of Zero Waste principles and practices in 10 modules covering public policy, programs, technology and measurement:

  • Introduction to Zero Waste, including a survey of different definitions and perspectives
  • What’s In Your Waste Stream?
  • Upstream, Midstream and Downstream: understanding Zero Waste strategies as they affect each stage of product lifestyles
  • Collections Options
  • Processing Technology Options
  • Managing Organics
  • Public Venues and Challenging Materials
  • Changing Behavior through Education and Outreach
  • Financing and Funding
  • Contracting and Partnerships

The course provides many opportunities for discussion among instructors and participants. It draws on current materials and examples from outside the published manual and engages students in several in-class exercises.

Who Should Attend?

Entry and mid-level managers of programs and systems serving local governments and other industry professionals that work in an advisory or consulting capacity with municipal programs and staff.

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To continue to seek out new technologies, updated regulations at the state and federal level, applied sciences that involve the solid waste industry, there is only one organization, SWANA, that can deliver.

Anyone willing to apply themselves, through attending the training courses and technical sessions approved by SWANA can learn an unlimited amount of information that will be most beneficial to anyone working in the solid waste field. I support and recommend any SWANA certification or continuing education for ‘I am SWANA CERTIFIED’. Just an added note, I not only talk the talk, I walk the walk, I hold currently hold seven SWANA certifications.

– Robert Fickle - City of Kingsport, TN