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Landfill and Landfill Gas


SWANA’s Landfill and Landfill Gas training courses provide a comprehensive study of efficient landfill operations. These courses provide the latest in landfill management, costs and capacity, and biogas extraction.

Certification Courses

Landfill Gas Systems Operations & Maintenance

Available as: Training @Work On-Site

Manager of Landfill Operations (MOLO)

Available as: eCourse On Demand, SWANA Training Center, Training @Work On-Site

SWANA Training Center/ Regional Training Centers

@Home Training Landfill and Landfill Gas Course List

Landfill Gas Basics @Home Training

Perfect for those seeking a solid education and guidance on the complex issue of landfill gas management.
Member Price: $225.00
Non-Member Price: $325.00

Recorded eCourses and Webinars


Gasification and Mass Burn - Comparing Apples with Apples

Gasification and Mass Burn - Comparing Apples with Applies
Member Price: $47.00
Non-Member Price: $94.00

Defending Landfills Accused of Landfill Gas Impacts

This recorded webinar will explore specific quantitative and semi-quantitative tools for evaluating LFG impacts.
Member Price: $47.00
Non-Member Price: $94.00

LFG Data Collection and Analysis

Member Price: $49.00
Non-Member Price: $94.00

Introducing New Safety Standards for Canadian Biogas

Member Price: $49.00
Non-Member Price: $94.00

@Work In-House Training

Landfill Gas Basics In-House Training Package

Increase your understanding of Landfill Gas Basics with this introductory course.
Member Price: $999.00
Non-Member Price: $1950.00