2020 Scholarship Winners

2020 Grant H. Flint Scholarship Program and Robert P. Stearns/SCS Engineers Scholarship Awards Winners

Reviewing the applications—and especially the essays submitted by the applicants—is a highlight each year. We have to find ways to encourage these young people to work in our industry.

– Sara Bixby - Deputy Executive Director SWANA

These students were chosen from 40 total applications from 26 chapters and SWANA’s international membership. Committee members spent quite a bit of time evaluating applications and discussing both evaluation scores and rankings of all candidates in each category. “The quality of the applications is impressive and continues to raise the bar for future years,” said SWANA Deputy Executive Director Sara Bixby, who supports the Committee.

Category I: Graduating High School Seniors

Awarded to students accepted for enrollment in junior college, four-year college, or university (any program).

Cameron Mains

Washington Evergreen Chapter, attending University of Washington. Mr. Mains is enrolling in a Mechanical Engineering program. His essay focused on capturing and using landfill gas, while at the same time educating people to reuse and recycling more.

Laura Hack

North Carolina Chapter, attending Western Carolina University. Ms. Hack is considering majors in English and Graphic Design and submitted an essay about  opportunities to facilitate communication in the solid waste industry, specifically in the area of proper recycling. 

Category II: Undergraduate Juniors or Seniors

Awarded to full-time college or university students entering junior or senior undergraduate year. Candidates must pursue degrees in environmental science, engineering, or other major related to solid waste management.

Maura Ross

SWANA student member of the Indiana Hoosier Chapter, is participating in a dual degree program between Butler University and Indiana University/Purdue University of Indianapolis (IUPUI) studying environmental studies and energy engineering. She also completed a semester study abroad program at the Lulea (Sweden) Tekniska Universitet.

Robert P. Stearns / SCS Engineers Scholarship

Awarded to graduate students pursuing degrees in environmental science, engineering, or other major related to solid waste management.

Holly Griffith

University of Washington graduate, is currently an international SWANA student member studying Environmental Management and Policy in the International Institute of Industrial Environmental Economics at Lund University in Sweden. Before returning to her studies, Ms. Griffith had worked as a full-time program coordinator for the University of Washington Recycling program and as an associate program manager for Ecova’s Waste Consulting Department. She also served four years on the Solid Waste Advisory Committee for Seattle Public Utilities.