2023 Scholarship Winners

2023 Grant H. Flint Scholarship Program and Robert P. Stearns/SCS Engineers Scholarship Awards Winners

Committee members spent quite a bit of time evaluating applications and discussing both evaluation scores and rankings of all candidates in each category.

Category I: Graduating High School Seniors

Awarded to students accepted for enrollment in junior college, four-year college, or university (any program).

Aly Moulton

Daughter of Susan Moulton,  Southern California Chapter, attending the American University of Paris/University of Southern California to study sociology.

Maylan Maxwell

Daughter of V. Ray Maxwell, North Carolina Chapter, attending North Carolina State University to study fashion and textile management.

Kaia Howard

Daughter of Laura Howard, Tennessee Chapter, attending University of North Carolina Wilmington for international studies.

Category II: Undergraduate Juniors or Seniors

Awarded to full-time college or university students entering junior or senior undergraduate year. Candidates must pursue degrees in environmental science, engineering, or other major related to solid waste management.

Sarah Chen

Sarah Chen is studying Environmental Engineering at the University of British Columbia Pacific BC Chapter and nominated by the Pacific Chapter – BC & Yukon.

Harvey W. Gershman Scholarship

Named for a co-founder and owner of Gershman, Brickner, & Bratton, Inc., (GBB),, this scholarship is awarded to full-time university students pursuing a degree in studies applicable to the field of solid waste or resource management and intending to seek employment in the industry. Students from Northeastern University are particularly encouraged to apply but all Category II scholarship applicants may also be considered for this prestigious award.

Andrew Talkish

Andrew Talkish is working toward a degree in Environmental and Natural Resources Management with a minor in Sustainability at Clemson University. Nominated by the South Carolina Palmetto Chapter.

Robert P. Stearns / SCS Engineers Scholarship

Awarded to graduate students pursuing degrees in environmental science, engineering, or other major related to solid waste management.

Prichard Tembo

Prichard Tembo is a member of the Nevada Great Basin Chapter working toward his PhD in Chemical Engineering at University of Nevada, Reno. Mr. Tembo emphasized research projects related to recycling material from end of life solar panels and lithium batteries and investigating packaging to allow the safe collection and transportation of waste lithium batteries.

Reviewing the applications—and especially the essays submitted by the applicants—is a highlight each year. We have to find ways to encourage these young people to work in our industry.

– Sara Bixby - Former Deputy Executive Director SWANA