Zachary Hansen

Zachary Hansen

Environmental Health Director (Retired), Ramsey County Public Health, MN

As Environmental Health Director at Ramsey County, the second most populous county in Minnesota, Zack Hansen had an outstanding career of public service in environmental health. He worked with both Ramsey and Washington counties on resource recovery issues, including the joint effort to purchase the privately-owned waste processing facility located in Newport, MN, and engaging in research of new technologies (e.g., gasification, anaerobic digestion, and chemical recycling) and waste management system changes in a way that influenced waste management in the Twin Cities area and statewide.

Mr. Hansen has also been committed to centering issues of equity and environmental justice in decision-making processes for programs and services, which has helped ensure access to resources for health and safety for all community members. He has been committed to the counties’ goals to protecting public health and the environment and championed the vision of vibrant, health communities without waste.

Mr. Hansen served as Minnesota SWANA chapter president from 1992–1993, and has been an active member ever since.