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YP Sub-Committees

We want to let you know that the YP Steering Committee has formed several sub-committees to help us stay on task with the various initiatives and responsibilities we have put in place to make the SWANA YP community a success. Please see below the main objectives of each sub-committee and the sub-committee chair. If you are interested in becoming involved with any of these sub-committees the Steering Committee is always looking for help. Please feel free to reach out to the sub-committee chairs directly to see how you can get involved!

Sub-committeesChairs and Descriptions

CHAIRS - Erin Oulton and Sonia Samir

  • Host regular check-in meetings with student engagement team.
  • Managing the Hickman Endowment (ex: ensuring delivery of commitments).
  • Managing student scholarship program.
  • Working with SWANA staff and chapters on advancing student groups, including Future Leaders.

CHAIR - Mateja Vidovic Klanac

  • Host regular check-in meetings with student design committee team.
  • Developing problem statement focus and managing Q&A.
  • Managing network development (ex: participating institutions and judges).
  • Working with SWANA staff on promotion.
  • Managing execution of event (ex: program, timing, budget, volunteers, etc.)

CHAIR - Cameron Collins

  • Host regular check-in meetings – event specific meetings.
  • Plan YP activities at national conferences: WASTECON, SWANApalooza:
    • Curating and submitting YP Sessions for consideration by SWANA Events Team
    • Planning and implementing event offerings (e.g. – Networking Event, Tours, etc.).
    • Coordinating volunteers and resources (ex: budget, on-site volunteers, etc.)

YP Engagement Checklist focused at YP Professional Development:

  • Develop a one-year and a three-year checklist focused on YP development. Working with SWANA staff on leadership development offerings and utilize those as checklist items. Also utilize other aspects of professional development and other committees as checklist items, such as moderating a webinar, proctoring a training session etc.
  • Develop a tracking matrix by working with SWANA staff.
  • Host as needed meetings.
  • Provide updates during monthly calls.

Webinar Program:
CHAIR - Michael Pasciuto

  • Work with SWANA staff in advertising the program.
  • Develop a recurring schedule and general guidelines on webinar program content.
  • Work with SWANA staff how to best deliver the webinars.
  • Host/moderate OR find moderators for the webinars.
  • Host as needed meetings.
  • Provide updates during monthly calls.

Awards and YP Recognition Program:
CO-CHAIRS - Hailey Tatum

  • Develop awards and YP recognition program related packet.
  • Advertise call for nomination by working with SWANA staff.
  • Develop selection criteria and selection committee guidelines.
  • Assist SWANA staff as needed throughout the awards process.
  • Host as needed meetings.
  • Provide updates during monthly calls.

CHAIR - Wes Glakas

  • Host as-needed regular check-in meetings with regional representation team.
  • Managing Regional Reps (ex: identifying candidates, coordinating communication).
  • Fostering engagement with Chapter Liaisons.
  • Managing Technical Division reps
  • Recruit YP Steering Members